Here Are 4 Things You Must Do in Antioch, CA

Located in the East Bay of Contra Costa County, Antioch is one of the oldest towns in California. Going by the history of Antioch, CA, the city was formerly known as Marshland, after John Marsh, the owner of one of the largest marshes in the city. Several years down the line, the new minister of the city persuaded the residents to get the name of the town changed to Antioch, after the Biblical, Turkish city of Antioch. Today, Antioch is widely popular for its rich cultural heritage and the interesting and festive events held every year. Whether you’re new to the city or are simply looking to explore the heritage of your hometown, here’s a complete guideline on the things to do in Antioch, CA.

Visit the Black Diamond Mines

If you’re someone who enjoys exploring the local history of a town- you should definitely visit the Black Diamond Mines of the city. Located off of Somersville Road, this mine is usually open from 8 AM to 8 PM in the summers and 8 AM to 5 PM in the winters. As you enter the Black Diamond Mines, you’ll have the option of participating in a 90-minute tour where you’ll get the opportunity to see how the mine works, the various ore chutes and its primitive geological features. The tour is a treat to anyone who is interested in geology and architecture.

Visit the El Campanil Theater

The El Campanil Theater is a perfect spot for anyone who is looking to delve amidst the rich cultural intricacies of Antioch. Located at 602 W 2nd St, this theater hosts several annual and monthly events that keep, viewers at the edge of their seats. Visit this cultural hub to watch some classic movies, beautiful concerts, symphonies, ballets, and comedy shows. Several famous people, including lyricist John Burke, and vocalist Chuck Billy widely frequented this theater. In addition to the regular shows, there is also a children’s theater that hosts beautiful, mind-boggling events for your little ones.

Enjoy a skating session at Paradise roller rink

If you’re looking to enjoy a fun time with your family and loved ones, the Paradise Roller Rink has some of the best events lined up for you. This rink provides a safe and entertaining environment for everyone who’s looking to skate. You can always register for the program online to get free passes for your kids. Besides letting you skate, this rink also lets you take part in a six-week course. This course, with its daily thirty minute sessions, helps you become a better skater.

Check out the annual events in Antioch, CA

Antioch is not just popular for its rich cultural heritage, but it is equally known for the annual events hosted every year. Some of the popular annual events of the city are the Veteran’s Memorial Day, the Sea Food Festival, the Craft Beer Festival, the Waterfront Festival, the May Day festival, School fairs, Berkeley festival of ideas and so on. Visit these festivals to be a part of the fun and the festivity that the city holds for you.

Just a few of the fun things to see or do when you are in the area.

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